Analytics management - Today

Today a common way of organizing the tracking implementation is by using a table. All team members scroll through an growing document which needs to be keep up-to-date manually.

Project overview

Every step in the process is manual and mistakes can happen.

Analytics management - MO

With MO you can organize the whole process in a modern UI enviornment.

Project overview

Every step is automated and all your team members have the view they need on the events.


To help your dev team we offer a great API which gives access to all events in your projects.

With the help of the API teams can generate code from the events and won't waste time anymore on checking tables for the events to implement.

One place

All members of your team are able to organize the analytics events in one central place.

Say goodbye to tables for managing your events.


See who made changes to an event. Always be up to date of the events in your projects.

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